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Product Coding Update

Posted On  8 August 2014
To make it easier to navigate through our large product range we have updated our product coding. It is important that you read this to ensure your next order placed with us is goes to plan.

As you are aware our product code for a 450 shower seat was like the following; GRI 450.

We now have an acronym relevant to the product category in after the GRI in our product code.  So the 450 shower seat code is now a GRI SHWR 450.

These codes apply to all categories as explained below.


Grab Rails category code is G eg. GRI G 100

Backrests category code is BACK eg. GRI BACK 459

Shower Seats & Related Products category code is SHWR eg. GRI SHWR PH3

Curtain Tracks category code is CT eg. GRI CT 212

Baby CHange tables category code is BCT eg. GRI BCT 436

Combination Units category code is COMB eg. GRI COMB 331

Cabinets category code is CAB eg. GRI CAB 476

Consumables category code is CONS eg. GRI CONS 2041

Hand Dyers category code is HD eg. GRI 425-SQ

Towel Rails & RIngs category code is T-R eg. GRI T-R 600

Hooks category code is HK eg. GRI HK 622

Mirrors category code is MIR eg. GRI MIR 468

Paper Towel Dispensers category code is PTD eg. GRI PTD 346

Shelves Category code is SHF eg. GRI SHF 528-12

Signs Category code is SIGN eg. GRI SIGN 565-L

Soap Dispenser & Soap DIsh Category code is SD eg. GRI SD 360-BS

Toilet Paper Holder category coade is TPH eg. GRI TPH 352

Waste Bins Category code is BIN eg. GRI BIN 536

Miscellaneous Category Code is MISC eg. GRI MISC 575

Components Category code is COMP eg. GRI COMP 580

Sanitory Items Category code is SAN eg. GRI SAN 1000

Basins Category code is BAS eg. GRI BAS 1021

Handles & Push Plates Category code is HAND eg. GRI HAND 815

HInges Category code is HNG eg. GRI HNG 844-B

Hardware Category Code is H eg. GRI H 730


If you have any queries regarding this update please do not hesitate to contact us.