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Amenities Signage

Posted On  14 August 2014

We supply a large range of easy to read visual signs for your bathroom, for an informational purpose or for other various store rooms. These are availaible in braille for those visually impaired and in stainless steel or vinyl.

At GRI we understand that not many bathrooms are layed out the same, so we have designed a diverse range for almost every bathroom situation. To see more about our signage options please click the following link

Product Coding Update

Posted On  8 August 2014

As you are aware our product code for a 450 shower seat was like the following; GRI 450.

We now have an acronym relevant to the product category in after the GRI in our product code.  So the 450 shower seat code is now a GRI SHWR 450.

These codes apply to all categories as explained below.


Grab Rails category code is G eg. GRI G 100

Backrests category code is BACK eg. GRI BACK 459

Shower Seats & Related Products category code is SHWR eg. GRI SHWR PH3

New Products!

Posted On  18 June 2014

GRI is impressed with these new products and can't wait to share them with you. All these products are approved by Australian Standards and The Building Code of Australia, and more, they are a practical and easy product to install!


Let us know what you think.